Critical Role inspired Jester Lavorre

Critical Role inspired Jester Lavorre

Jester is my second favourite Critical Role character, she is so funny and adorable. This was the second Critical Role doll I made. I used the basic body shape the same as Nott the Brave, but made different clothes and altered the ears to be shorter. The horns were the tricky part, it took alot of un-raveling and redoing to get the shape. Then after getting the shape right, having to be able to stuff them just the right amount so they aren’t flat, but also still bend enough to fold over to sew into a spiral kind of shape.


In the end she turned out pretty well and she is actually my most popular doll. I have not written up a compete pattern for her at the moment (as with the other dolls, she is a load of scribbles and drawings in a notepad) but hopefully I will get time one day to write all these patterns up so other people can make them too. Jester is available to purchase here.


Published by MyBelle Creations

Hi, Welcome to MyBelle Creations. I taught myself to crochet around 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. Over the years I have made many different types of items, my favourites being my ‘geeky’ items such as the Labyrinth movie characters and Dungeons and dragons items. I have enjoyed making and sharing my patterns and finished items. Since my children have gone back to school full time, from being home school during the covid-19 lockdowns, I have decided to start a new way of sharing my patterns and items.

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