I’ve seen alot of people making these little Autumn Pumpkins and they are just super cute!! So I decided to have an experiment at making my own. The first one I made (on the right in photo above) I used Chunky Yarn and a size 5mm hook. The pumpkin was about 4 inches wide but after pulling the yarn tight to make the segments, there was some large gaps between the stitches and you could see the stuffing. So I decided to try it again. This time I used a 3mm Hook with the chunky yarn and crocheted in the front loops only. This time the pumpkin was between 2-2 1/2 inches wide but there was no gaps and you can’t see the stuffing. So this worked out much better.


The pattern is super easy and quick to make and it can be ammended to make bigger versions of the pumpkin. Please read the entire pattern before starting.



  • 3mm Crochet Hook
  • CHUNKY Yarn in desired colours
  • Stuffing

MR- Magic Ring
SC- Single Crochet
FLO- Front Loops only
INC- Increase
DEC- Decrease
F/O- Fasten Off
CH- Chain
ST- Stitch
SL ST- Slip Stitch



For the body of the pumpkin, work in FRONT LOOPS ONLY UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. Do not join at end of rounds unless stated otherwise.

1) 6SC in MR (6)
2) INC in each ST (12)
3) *INC, SC* repeat * around (18)
4) *INC, 2SC* repeat * around (24)
5) *INC, 3SC* repeat * around (30)
6-9) SC around (30)
10) *DEC, 3SC* repeat * around (24)
11) *2SC, DEC* repeat * around (18)
12) *DEC, SC* repeat * around (12)
Stuff pumpkin
13) DEC x6 (6)

F/O and leave a very long tail. Thread tail through the middle of the open hole and back out through the middle of the MR the other end of the pumpkin. Bring the tail around the outside of the pumpkin and back through the hole in the base. Pull the yarn tight. Repeat this multiple times (I did it 6 times total, but its up to you how many you would like to do), this will create the segments on the outside of the pumpkin. When this is done, sew the open hole closed and weave in the ends.



The stalk is not Front Loops Only.

1) 6SC in MR (6)
2-3) SC in each stitch (6)
F/O and sew to the top of the pumpkin


The pattern would be easily amended to make larger pumpkins. Simply add extra rows for increasing, then add an extra row of SC in the middle for every increasing row you add.
(For example if you added an extra 3 rows of increases, add another 3 rows of SC in the middle.)

I hope you enjoy making your own Small Pumpkin. Thank you for supporting MyBelle Creations and I hope you follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Please share and tag me in your finished items, I would love to see them all.

This pattern and photos are the intellectual property of MyBelle Creations. You are not permitted to sell or share the pattern in anyway. You may sell your finished items but please credit MyBelle Creations for the design. ©


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Hi, Welcome to MyBelle Creations. I taught myself to crochet around 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. Over the years I have made many different types of items, my favourites being my ‘geeky’ items such as the Labyrinth movie characters and Dungeons and dragons items. I have enjoyed making and sharing my patterns and finished items. Since my children have gone back to school full time, from being home school during the covid-19 lockdowns, I have decided to start a new way of sharing my patterns and items.

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