Critical Role inspired Caleb


I am soooo looking forward to Critical Role Campaign 3, which has been announced is starting next month! So here is another one of the dolls I have made, inspired by Caleb! He is super super cute and I have been thinking of maybe adding a little Frumpkin to go with him?

Caleb was quite easy and quick to make as he has very simple clothing and no extra bits such as horns or fancy details sewn onto his clothes.


I have not written up a compete pattern for Caleb at the moment (as with the other dolls, he is a load of scribbles and drawings in a notepad) but hopefully at some point in the future I will get round to typing them up properly. You can find the finished product to purchase here.

I am hoping to get some time in the next couple of months to make a few more of the Critical Role Characters. I am thinking maybe Yasha or Fjord next? What do you think?


Published by MyBelle Creations

Hi, Welcome to MyBelle Creations. I taught myself to crochet around 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. Over the years I have made many different types of items, my favourites being my ‘geeky’ items such as the Labyrinth movie characters and Dungeons and dragons items. I have enjoyed making and sharing my patterns and finished items. Since my children have gone back to school full time, from being home school during the covid-19 lockdowns, I have decided to start a new way of sharing my patterns and items.

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