Spiderman Blanket


I made this Spiderman blanket a few years ago for my son, who was around 4 years old at the time (He is now 9). He was obsessed with Spiderman at the time and I had just started learning to crochet. I wanted to make him a blanket for his birthday to go with his Spiderman bedroom so I looked on Ravelry.com and found this one by  Gail E and Wendy G Gamble-Hogsten.


The pattern was so easy to follow even for a beginner. It did take a long time to make to the right size but I was using DK yarn and a 4mm hook instead of the Aran yarn and 5mm hook on the pattern, so this could have been why.

I never got round to putting the lines through the blanket to complete the web, as my son loved it so much, he pinched it as soon as I had sewn in all the ends and wouldnt give it me back to complete.
He still has this blanket in his room all these years later, even though he has moved on from a Spiderman bedroom. He absolutely loves it still and so do I.


The pattern for the blanket can be found here. It is an amazing pattern and I hope you can find the time to make it and share your work with the author of the pattern.


Published by MyBelle Creations

Hi, Welcome to MyBelle Creations. I taught myself to crochet around 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. Over the years I have made many different types of items, my favourites being my ‘geeky’ items such as the Labyrinth movie characters and Dungeons and dragons items. I have enjoyed making and sharing my patterns and finished items. Since my children have gone back to school full time, from being home school during the covid-19 lockdowns, I have decided to start a new way of sharing my patterns and items.

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