I have been working on a few new patterns since new year and this is the first one i’ve finished. He is so quick and easy to make. I have sewn his eyes on but you could use safety eyes if you prefer. I have also crocheted his mane but you could just add strandsContinue reading “Leon the Lion- FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Beanie Pom-Pom hat FREE PATTERN

It’s been a little while since I have posted anything. I have been super busy the past couple of months finishing off outstanding orders, making christmas presents and experimenting with patterns for new items to share with you all. Now I have finished everything, I can’t wait to share those new FREE patterns. The firstContinue reading “Beanie Pom-Pom hat FREE PATTERN”


After making the Rabbit Baby Lovey, I got a request for a lion version one. Trying to get the mane to look right was a bit tricky but it worked out in the end. This pattern involves quite a bit of sewing so takes a little while to complete, but it is so worth it.Continue reading “Lion Baby Lovely FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Bunny star baby lovely FREE CROCHET PATTERN

I saw this idea on Instagram, somebody had made something similar to this bunny baby lovey. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a pattern for it, So I decided to make my own. It involves quite a bit of sewing so takes a little while to complete, but it is so worth it. A printerContinue reading “Bunny star baby lovely FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Deer Bookmark- FREE PATTERN

MATERIALS: 2.5mm Hook 5mm Safety Eyes (optional- can also use black yarn) DK wool in Light brown, Dark brown, white (and small amount of black yarn if not using safety eyes) ABBREVIATIONS:MR- Magic RingSC- Single CrochetINC- IncreaseDEC- DecreaseF/O- Fasten OffCH- ChainST- StitchSL ST- Slip Stitch BEFORE YOU START:–When working in Magic Ring, work in continuousContinue reading “Deer Bookmark- FREE PATTERN”


About 3 years ago, I bought this lovely pink and blue sparkly wool. My daughter asked if I can make her a unicorn with it, so thats what I started to make, But then as I was near half way through she asked me to turn it into a cat. It is not my bestContinue reading “Cute Cat- FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Unicorn Bookmark FREE PATTERN

I have spent some time this week making some new bookmarks and keychains/bag charms in the image of some of the dolls that I make. Bookmarks are always quick and easy to make up and there are so many different designs you can do. It is good for using bits of left over wool atContinue reading “Unicorn Bookmark FREE PATTERN”


In April 2020 we were in full lockdown in the UK, I had my 2 children at home full time as schools were closed. Juggling housework, crochet orders and full time home schooling, plus trying to keep the kids from being too worried , was a struggle for a while until we kind of gotContinue reading “Ear Protectors- FREE CROCHET PATTERN.”


This is another one of the first animals I made. It was such a cute and simple soft toy to make and after making the giraffe, it was quite easy to judge how many rounds to do and when to increase and decrease. It’s such a lovely quick little gift and can be made inContinue reading “Baby Octopus- FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Giraffe soft toy Crochet Pattern

I’ve had a few people ask me if I have the pattern for the Giraffe teddy that is shown in the photos of the Wave baby blanket. The pattern is not mine, but it is available free here. This was the first animal pattern I ever tried to do. It is so easy to followContinue reading “Giraffe soft toy Crochet Pattern”