I have been working on a few new patterns since new year and this is the first one i’ve finished. He is so quick and easy to make. I have sewn his eyes on but you could use safety eyes if you prefer. I have also crocheted his mane but you could just add strandsContinue reading “Leon the Lion- FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

January 2023

So it’s January 2023! Its been a while since i’ve posted anything. I was hoping in 2022 I could post more and get more patterns out there, but unfortunately this didn’t happen. I was taking orders for the dolls I make and they took up so much of my time that I barely got chanceContinue reading “January 2023”

Beanie Pom-Pom hat FREE PATTERN

It’s been a little while since I have posted anything. I have been super busy the past couple of months finishing off outstanding orders, making christmas presents and experimenting with patterns for new items to share with you all. Now I have finished everything, I can’t wait to share those new FREE patterns. The firstContinue reading “Beanie Pom-Pom hat FREE PATTERN”


My daughter (and my sister) are always misplacing their Lipbalms, so I decided to have a go at making a keyring/keychain that they can attach to their bags or set of keys. I borrowed one of my daughters lipbalms so I could use it as a size guide and got to work. The first attemptContinue reading “Lip Balm Keychain FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Dress up Bunny

I came across this pattern by The Crochet Space a couple of years ago and decided to make it for my little 2 year old (at the time) cousin. The pattern is super cute and easy to follow and you can make the outfits in many different colours. I actually ended up making another setContinue reading “Dress up Bunny”

Baby Cardigan

Making baby clothing is not my speciality. I have tried baby hats and cardigans, they all seem to work out okay but they were never anything special. I like making things that are more challenging usually. But my sister asked if I could make a cardigan for my newborn nephew, I wanted something simple butContinue reading “Baby Cardigan”

Baby Groot

I saw this super cute baby Groot pattern on Ravelry.com and just had to make it! The pattern was created by Clare Heesh and is available for FREE here. The pattern was fairly simple to follow and quite quick to work up. The ‘twigs/hair’ on the top was a little fiddly to do as wereContinue reading “Baby Groot”


After making the Rabbit and Lion Baby Lovey, I got a request for a penguin version. This pattern involves quite a bit of sewing so takes a little while to complete, but it is so worth it. A printer friendly version is available to purchase here. MATERIALS: 3mm Hook 3.5mm Hook Cotton fabric of ownContinue reading “Penguin Baby Lovey FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Baby Owl Cocoon

I always thought the little baby photo shoot cocoons were super cute, So a few years ago I decided to have a go at one. My sister mentioned she had seen one that looked like an owl so I decided to have a go something similar. I hadn’t long started crocheting at the time andContinue reading “Baby Owl Cocoon”

Mouse bookmark

My sister sent me a photo one day of a mouse bookmark that she had seen and asked me to make one for her. I found the pattern online here. The pattern is super cute and easy to follow (although the legs and hands can be a little bit fiddly to start off with, butContinue reading “Mouse bookmark”