Busy Bee Wind Spinner FREE PATTERN

I have seen a few of these windspinners people have made and they are super cute so I decided to make one for my daughters fairy garden. They look really cool when made in different colours and they’re spinning. I decided to add a little bumble bee on the end to make it look evenContinue reading “Busy Bee Wind Spinner FREE PATTERN”


My daughter (and my sister) are always misplacing their Lipbalms, so I decided to have a go at making a keyring/keychain that they can attach to their bags or set of keys. I borrowed one of my daughters lipbalms so I could use it as a size guide and got to work. The first attemptContinue reading “Lip Balm Keychain FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Dress up Bunny

I came across this pattern by The Crochet Space a couple of years ago and decided to make it for my little 2 year old (at the time) cousin. The pattern is super cute and easy to follow and you can make the outfits in many different colours. I actually ended up making another setContinue reading “Dress up Bunny”


Before you start.Please read through the pattern before starting.Chain at end of each row does not count as a stitch.Using Aran/worsted weight yarn and 3.5mm Hook, the face cloth/flannel is approx 6 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches (16.5cm x 16.5cm). A larger cloth can be made by adding extra chains at the beginning andContinue reading “Face Cloths/Flannels FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Trolls movie Mr Dinkles

My daughter and my niece absolutely love the Trolls movie. My daughter loves most films with alot of music in them, she loves to sing and dance. My sister and brother-in-law asked if I could make a Mr Dinkles soft toy for my niece, so I set about trying to find a good pattern. ThereContinue reading “Trolls movie Mr Dinkles”


After making the Rabbit and Lion Baby Lovey, I got a request for a penguin version. This pattern involves quite a bit of sewing so takes a little while to complete, but it is so worth it. A printer friendly version is available to purchase here. MATERIALS: 3mm Hook 3.5mm Hook Cotton fabric of ownContinue reading “Penguin Baby Lovey FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

TMNT inspired plush

A few years ago, a family member asked if I could make a small Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle soft toy for their son. I had no idea where to start, so I did the usual thing and went onto http://www.ravelry.com to see what other people had done. There were quite a few lovely patterns onContinue reading “TMNT inspired plush”

Bunny star baby lovely FREE CROCHET PATTERN

I saw this idea on Instagram, somebody had made something similar to this bunny baby lovey. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a pattern for it, So I decided to make my own. It involves quite a bit of sewing so takes a little while to complete, but it is so worth it. A printerContinue reading “Bunny star baby lovely FREE CROCHET PATTERN”

Deer Bookmark- FREE PATTERN

MATERIALS: 2.5mm Hook 5mm Safety Eyes (optional- can also use black yarn) DK wool in Light brown, Dark brown, white (and small amount of black yarn if not using safety eyes) ABBREVIATIONS:MR- Magic RingSC- Single CrochetINC- IncreaseDEC- DecreaseF/O- Fasten OffCH- ChainST- StitchSL ST- Slip Stitch BEFORE YOU START:–When working in Magic Ring, work in continuousContinue reading “Deer Bookmark- FREE PATTERN”

Labyrinth Movie inspired Worm Crochet Pattern

I absolutely love the Labyrinth movie! It’s my favourite film ever, I could watch it every single day. I saw this pattern a few years ago and had to make it. I ended up changing the pattern slightly to get it to look a bit more how I wanted it to (plus the original patternContinue reading “Labyrinth Movie inspired Worm Crochet Pattern”